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Hello and welcome everyone, I'm Developer Doge!

Gaming as a hobby has absolutely exploded over the last few decades, gaining audiences of upwards of millions of people, of all various different types of mediums. In this massive tide of entertainment, with massive franchises reigning supreme, there are small teams of independent developers who out maneuver these behemoths, bringing a fresh breath of entertainment.

In April 2019, I participated in the libGDX Game Jam in which over a week (or 2 days), I created a Choose Your Own Adventure game, in which I explored the topic of, "upside-down". Over the last while, I have been polishing it up, to make it more palatable to a wider audience.

Tri-Jectory - A Journey is a text based, dialog focused, Choose Your Own Adventure Visual Novel game, focused on philosophical questions, meaningful choices, and of course, your favorite cast of characters (that you haven't met yet!)

The experience you play should be unique to you - don't let anybody get in your head about it. After you play, I would love to hear your thoughts on what things meant.

Available at (play in browser:)

This blog marks the release of this demo, and begins a week long exploration into what Choose Your Own Adventure games can be, and explores some of the avenues that I explored, some that I ignored. Players will often explore only a small part of your game, but the rest should still exist in order to stay consistent. I will reveal the planning that took place, and double meanings that were intended to impart, as well things that most likely, were missed. Other topics will include typical game development, software engineering, and English/language topics.

If you enjoy the appeal of the game and the style of the writing, I would please ask that you follow me on twitter, and stay tuned for my other projects.

Thanks for playing! F***** the zebra!

Woof woof,


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