How To Play

Click to spawn a melon. Click again to spawn other melons. Use the other melons to free yourself from the bowl!

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A submission for the libGDX game jam.


PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
AuthorDeveloper Doge
Made withlibGDX
Tags3D, hard, jam, melon, Physics

Install instructions

requires JRE8 (java 8) already installed on your computer to run!

java -jar twim-0.0.1.jar


twim-0.0.1.jar 23 MB

Development log


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Fun. But also a bit pointless, since you seemingly just bounce out of the bowl.

A fun toy! Very impressive to make a 3d entry in only a week. 


Yes to Melon! Jealous of all the 3D games this jam. Despite it's simple look and concept it's a very cool little demo!