Mouse click to draw walls

Protectile is an endless runner, in where you have the power to draw walls to protect the runner.

Lasers and bullets will bounce of the walls you draw - but you can only have a few walls at a time.

Projectiles will bounce off the wall you draw, and are destroyed by lasers.

Score points by surviving, getting power ups, bouncing lasers, and keep protecting your guy from projectiles.... in Protectile!



Changed viewport display to facilitate a much wider range of screens while still being playable.


Best camera  update to work on all devices. Fix rare sound bug.


Phenomenal scaling update to get things appropriately scaled! Minor pathing fix.

Play on your phone, and get Protectile on the Google Play store:

Get it on Google Play... I love you!

List of Powerups

All powerups are equally likely.

Doctor Doctor - Health is filled to the max
Strongman - Max health is increased

Lucky Banker - Gain a large random amount of score
Investment Banker - All score gain is increased by a small percentage
Opposite Day - For 30 seconds, all damage taken increases score
Laser Day- For 30 seconds, double the amount of lasers
Laserless Day - For 30 seconds, halve the amount of lasers
Projectile Day - For 30 seconds, double the number of projectiles
Quick Boots - Move slightly faster
Cleaning Crew - Your screen is clear now!
Bullet Wave - That's a lot of bullets...
More Walls - One extra max wall
Longer Walls - Longer total length of walls

If you've read all the way down here, you must be dedicated! I'll let you in on some debug commands I left in!

Use space to fire a laser instantly at your cursor

Use q to spawn a projectile towards your cursor

Thanks so much!


Little Red Sky Studios

Development log


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this is incredibly unique and cool